Your Hair Type

It’s common knowledge that there are several types of Afro Hair.  There are in fact four types further broken down into three sub-types.  Depending on your hair type the volume of product used for your hair is of paramount importance.  For example, straight fine hair requires a smaller quantity of product.


Model's hair is natural - look achieved with Fruit Juice Range
Model’s Hair is Natural – look achieved using G’s Fruit Juice Range
Fine –  very soft, shiny, difficult to hold and maintain a curl.  Hair tends to have its own natural oils and is resistant to damage.
Medium – this hair type tends to have volume with its own natural oils – again resistant to damage
COARSE – extremely hard to curl – is usually bone straight and needs extra moisture – again resistant to damage
Fine:  Hair type sticks close to the head, various styles can be accomplished.
Medium:  Hair type has thicker waves – can be resistant to styling – hair type tends to be “frizzy”
Coarse: Very similar to wavy medium hair but more resistant to styling – again (frizzy)
Loose – Hair type Usually has a combination texture – it’s thick and full with lots of body – it has what is described as an “S” pattern.
Tight: medium with combined texture in combination with curly and Corkscrew texture
Corkscrew: Tends towards tight curls and some strands densely packed together
Soft: Tightly coiled with more defined curly pattern
Wiry: less defined curl pattern – hair type can look “out of control ” if not looked after
Extremely wiry: has  a defined Z pattern – more care is required to keep this hair type in its desired style
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Model has Kinky Wiry Hair