Fruit Juice Oil Mist Range

Fruit Juice Oil Mist – 230ml
Fruit Juice Shampoo – 230ml
Fruit Juice Conditioner Cream – 230ml

For all hair types

Suitable for
Adults and Children


WATERMELON – watermelons have been around for approximately 5000 years. The oil is produced by drying and pressing the seeds and is popular in West Africa where it is known as Ootanga or Kalahari Oil The oil prevents hair loss and promotes growth.
PEACH – cultivation began in the Neolithic period and is thought to have originated in China. The kernels oil is rich in linoleic acid – a cell membrane component. It translates to Omega’s 3 – 6 fatty acids. An extremely light oil, which helps to define natural hair patterns, conditions hair and prevents breakage. The oil also protects hair from sun and harsh weather.

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Weight 2 kg