Fruit Juice Pomade


Fruit Juice Pomade 290g
Scalp and Hair Moisturiser
Recommended for:
Locs (Scalp Only)
Natural Hair
Suitable for:
Children and Adults
The Mineral Oil used in our products are highly refined and purified.
It is non-comedogenic and  does not clog pores.


A unique blend of organic Fruit Oils and Argan Oil. This fruity pomade
is light in texture, with essential organic Fruit Oils and Argan Oil –
it has excellent moisturising properties, combats dandruff and adds
shine. Rich in Oliec Acids it helps define the natural flow of the hair.
Protecting hair from sun and harsh weather.

This fruity blend includes just some of these oils – Apricot,
Watermelon, Peach and Grape.