Fruit Juice Pomade

Fruit Juice Pomade 290g
Scalp and Hair Moisturiser
Recommended for:
Locs (Scalp Only)
Natural Hair
Suitable for:
Children and Adults


GRAPE SEED – this seed is a by-product of wine-making, its components have many beneficial uses. Original documentation speaking of Grape cultivation dates back 6,000 to 8,000 years between Eastern Europe and West Asia. Grape Seed is a great sealant with moisturising properties. Crushing or pressing the seeds creates the oil which assists to combat dryness. The seed also contains Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth
ARGAN OIL – a “Precious” oil which is indigenous to the Atlas mountain area of Morocco. Rich in Vitamin E with excellent moisturising properties. Combats dandruff and consistently aids shine to dull lifeless hair