Oil Mist – Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice Oil Mist 230 ml
Made with organic oils

Recommended for
Natural Hair
Silk Pressed Hair

Suitable for
Children and Adults



APRICOT – originating in Western Asia the kernels are pulverised to extract the oil. Rich in Oleic Acid, the oil reduces scalp dryness and is an excellent emollient for hair. The kernels have an oil output of 40-50%
ALMOND – historical sources suggest that Almonds were first sited possibly earlier than 4000 BC. They are thought to have originated in China and Central Asia. High in vitamins A, B D and E – its many properties include adding sheen to hair that is dry and dull. Seals moisture which nourishes hair. It may contain traces of nuts but is highly unlikely as the protein that causes the allergy is removed through the refinement process